Tell me more about Fats Domino and his music.

Fats Domino was an American singer-songwriter and pianist. Domino sold more records than any other 1950s rock and roll artist. His 1956 recording of “Blueberry Hill” reached number two on the Billboard Pop Singles chart.

Domino was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. His music reflects the city’s rich musical heritage. Domino’s early piano playing was heavily influenced by Professor Longhair. His style is often described as a blend of rhythm and blues, rock and roll, and traditional New Orleans jazz.

Other notable songs by Fats Domino include: 

1) “Ain’t That a Shame”

2) “Blue Monday”

3) “Walkin’ to New Orleans”

4) “I’m Ready”

5) “I’m Gonna Be a Wheel Someday”

A famous quote from Fats Domino is…

I use to love you honey, ’til you spent all my money.

– Fats Domino